The Brand

Feelthestretch is the Shopify store, and the client aims to promote and sell the golf game improvement product called MISIG (Most Important Stretch In Golf) through his Shopify store.

The Challenge

The client was running PPC ads on Facebook and Instagram, but the RAOS was low, and their cost of acquiring new customers was high. Apart from this, organic traffic was very low, and the website was ranking for the brand keywords only. They were not getting any organic conversions.

The Solution We Provided

We studied the target audience of the client and built their personas. And based on the existing data and our research, we created a new Facebook Ad Campaign with new Ad Sets and Creatives. After observing the customer behaviour and testing new Ad sets for few days, we started scaling their Ads.

We also identified some potential keywords for their business and created content to target those keywords. After publishing a few blog posts and infographics, we started building high-quality backlinks for the client.

We did On-page optimization and product page optimization for all the pages on the website, where we fixed their URLs, Meta Tags, Product Descriptions, and other essential factors.

The Results

Lessons Learned

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