The Brand

Tvacha Tatva Ayurved is one of its kind well equipped Ayurvedic Beauty clinic in Belagavi. The client aims to promote their services through their Instagram .

The Challenge

The client had launched its ayurvedic beauty service for the first time in their locality. The awareness of their service was nowhere around. The primary objective was to create brand awareness and generate leads.

The Solution We Provided

Firstly, we identified their target audience. We learned about their local influencers and what type of content people are interacting with. We also researched some of the viral hashtags related to the client’s business.

We then started posting engaging home remedies and other valuable insights to create brand awareness. After getting decent user interactions, we started promoting client’s services by using various strategies like posting at peak time, creating interactive polls, collaborating with the right influencers etc.

The Results

The awareness of our client was boosted in just 30 days. With engagement going high, their follower base increased, and the client started getting inbound inquiries for their services.

Lessons Learned

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